Jeremiah Yancy | About

Jeremiah Yancy is deeply involved in ministerial endeavors. Mr. Yancy travels the world to spread the message of Christianity and to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Together with his wife, he is actively engaged in charity work and volunteer opportunities.

One such example in a children’s center designed to create a safe, religious refuge for young people to study, live, and grow. Jeremiah Yancy and his wife volunteer their time and effort at the center and also raise money to ensure its continued operation. The center, called Andrha Pradesh, comprises three different locations in three different villages and caters to the local children. Each village maintains a church which gives the children a place to study Christian theology.

Jeremiah Yancy also serves on the board of a non-profit organization focused on the management of two orphanages in India. Abandoned to Love Ministries is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where children can learn, play, and live. One of the orphanages, located in the city of Trichy, cares for both boys and girls aged five to 15. The children receive education from kindergarten through high school and live on orphanage premises.

His ministerial experiences in the country have given Jeremiah Yancy the impetus to chronicle his work. He currently is working on a documentary focused on the widespread poverty prevalent in India. He hopes his efforts will bring attention to the plight of those living in poverty and create support for its elimination.

In addition, Jeremiah Yancy travels to parts of Africa on ministerial missions and is planning to open a children’s center in Romania. He remains a successful independent consultant and travels around the world to assist companies with product and software development. Jeremiah Yancy possesses extensive experience in the establishment of start-up businesses and their development. In his personal time, he enjoys playing music in a Christian contemporary band, which performs regularly for non-profit and Christian organizations.


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